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The new model of the smartphone from Oppo, the OnePlus Nord, is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen and comes with Windows OS 7.4. This Oppo smartphone is quite unique because it has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a modern generation who does not want a bulky mobile phone. This mobile phone comes with a neat skin that provides an all-metal body and a soft touch soft home key on the left edge. The front glass also slides out easily to provide easy access to the battery and the charging port. The fingerprint scanner on the bottom rear-side is a nice addition to the already impressive Android system.

The Oppo smartphone has a dual camera system oneplus nord 2 with two types of image modes – the regular mode and the fun mode. The OnePlus Nord 2’s dual camera has an optical image stabilization and an auto focus. The image mode gives you a clear and quality picture taking experience, even when you are in your daily usage mode. The notification LED and the quick launch bar give you plenty of information about the condition of your phone. Apart from the camera, the Oppo smartphone has various other facilities including the FM radio, the USB Type-C port, the Bluetooth v3.0, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, Omegou 3G and the Android interface. It also offers internet compatibility for various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Opera.

There are various unique functions provided by this smartphone such as the gesture control, which uses your fingers to control the volume, flashlight, picture viewing and other functions that can be performed by using your fingers or even your voice. If you are fond of taking pictures with your camera, then this camera will certainly be a great gift for you. You will find that all the images you take are well-exposed and you get great clarity. You can download all your favourite images on the SD card and you can share them on your friend’s phone, on your social networking sites or e-mail them to your loved ones.

The Oppo smartphone is powered by the advanced technology of the octa-core processor and the HTC ULP8ition for fast charging. With this amazing fast charging feature, you can charge up your battery in just 15 minutes. This can be done without any hassle and you can enjoy your multimedia experience whenever you need it the most. The memory of this handset is expandable too and you can add more data storage to it whenever you want. It has been loaded with a generous amount of RAM and the software comes with an improved keyboard, which is quite easy to use.

The onePlus Nordic 2 also features the innovative Bluetooth technology and the users can easily send files to their PCs via the Bluetooth. You can also upload the files to the memory card and you can browse the web using this handset. The high definition camera helps you to take beautiful images and you can create long videos with your smartphone. The complete internet browser is enhanced with the Wi-Fi connectivity and the Wifi Direct service. This smart phone also supports MMS and HSDPA multimedia messaging services and you can take as many photos as you want.

The OnePlus Nordic 2 comes with an impressive notification centre which helps you keep track of the incoming call. The large display enables you to view all the important information such as the time and duration of the call. The HTC Hub gives you access to various social networking sites and this has been enhanced with the Smart Notification Center. You can use this feature to capture the images and you can also share them on your favourite social networking sites. With all these features, you can say that the OnePlus Nordic 2 is one of the best accessories that you can buy for your smartphone.

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